nokia or blackberry which is a better business phone

i am very impressed by the latest iphone4. a friend of mine using this made me more interested in this product, of apple. i asked him what’s the best feature of this phone, and he says picture clarity is just awesome, you can watch movies, there is a GPS which guides your way and brilliantContinue reading “nokia or blackberry which is a better business phone”

organised used car business in India- illogical.

I recently visited the maruti true value store as well as the hyundai authorised used car showroom. what i have understood is that buying a used car from these people are no big bargain as the prices difference between a new car and 4 yr old used car is just Rs20,000. so i cannot understandContinue reading “organised used car business in India- illogical.”

Gods own mistake – kerala worst state administration

Mumbai, April 2004, Just out of my business school, working with great brand called the Levers, and just dreaming to make it big in my life, and there comes the twist of my life and career, my father was not in good health, and I had to be back to Cochin Kerala for good, andContinue reading “Gods own mistake – kerala worst state administration”