The Chinese Dragon by Rajiv Bajaj, The King of Indian Motorcycle Industry.

indian motorcycle industry giant on how to win over China storm.

Are we ready for electric cars in India.

There is a huge demand and excitement around the upcoming electric cars in India. However here is a reality check. Globally automobile manufacturers have not yet pulled the project as compete road ready. Range per charge needs to be improved. Where do we have charging points. Yes you don’t have to fill fuel anymore soContinue reading “Are we ready for electric cars in India.”

organised used car business in India- illogical.

I recently visited the maruti true value store as well as the hyundai authorised used car showroom. what i have understood is that buying a used car from these people are no big bargain as the prices difference between a new car and 4 yr old used car is just Rs20,000. so i cannot understandContinue reading “organised used car business in India- illogical.”