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The Chinese Dragon by Rajiv Bajaj, The King of Indian Motorcycle Industry.

*The Chinese dragon*

by *Rajiv Bajaj*

A couple of WhatsApp groups I am a member of should be renamed China problem group. 90% of discussions is on how China hijacked the world economy, how they do not deserve to do so, how all politicians have let us down, how they are stealing all intellectual property and how we are doomed if we do not stop downloading tiktok.

All true. And no, this article is not about disagreeing with this narrative. This article is not about the fact that an average Chinese student in US beats the shit out of all other students (including Indians) in terms of hours they works and their only disadvantage is that their English is not as good, but they’re getting there. No this article is not about the fact that the people of China worked their butts off while Italians holidayed and French wanted a 4 day week. No this article is not about the fact that you cannot hire a decent machinist or a metal forger in India because all of them are sitting in call centers answering questions from technically challenged Americans.
Of course, I agree and support the view that China and it’s people do not deserve the place they have reached (I don’t want to be trolled). They are thieves, they do not take 4-week holidays. They should be punished.

So what is this article about? This is about an industry where China has been beaten by India. It has been shown it’s not the government, neither the people, it’s really the companies that compete. And as far as India is concerned the people responsible for the demise of manufacturing are these companies.

Year 1983, I pass out of Engineering college in Mumbai considered to be one of the best. Irrespective of the branch—Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Production, Textile, 80% become coders for the software industry.
Year 2000, I am at Bajaj Auto as HR head (after working for 15 years as a technical person), and am off to conduct campus interviews, to hire 100 Engineers who will build the 100-cc engine of a motorcycle. I am day 5 in VJTI and all other RECs. I end up hiring 10 people from 15 colleges. In every college I am told by the Training and Placement officer (TPO) that tech companies get preference. I say I don’t understand, is building an Engine not technology? No that’s manufacturing.

Writing Cobol code for a bank in New York by a TCS employee is technology. May be the Chinese forced us to do this.

Next year I write to all colleges. I want to be day 0 in your campus. I will offer three times the salary of the best “so called technology company”, but only if I am day 0.
Hiring 100 Engineers at three times salary was no problem for me as compared to TCS, which had to hire 2000 “Bodies”. They could never match that salary.
And that’s how Bajaj Auto built its R&D. Batch by Batch. Making designing and manufacturing of motorcycles sexy and paying for it. The selection ratio was 1:15.

Most of the IITS, RECS, and VJTIS had toppers who were absolutely useless. They could not draw a Carnot cycle, could not tell the difference between a diesel and petrol engine. Give them an elevation and plan they could not draw the side view. Most of them were focusing on writing code. But we found gems, we found guys who were passionate and knowledgeable but could not express in English. I started conducting interviews in Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil and so on.

There was another company doing the same TVS. South based, they also built a great R&D.

Year 2005, Chinese motorcycles attacked India with products which were 30% cheaper. Many dealers started selling them. Press predicted demise of Indian manufacturers. Within 6 months they went broke. Their quality was no match to Indian motorcycles. They never came back again.

Bajaj then stared attacking them in Africa. Africans had two choices; buy expensive Japanese motorcycles or cheap Chinese. Chinese motorcycles used to come in a box. You buy the box and take it to a mechanic and he will assemble it. In Nigeria motorcycles are used as taxis. So no one is going to pay you a dime more. In such a market Bajaj launched it’s fully assembled motorcycle. Priced more than Chinese less than Japanese. And worked hard. Today Bajaj is a market leader. TVS is number two. Chinese have been driven out. You can see videos of the love that the Okada (taxi drivers) have for Bajaj Bikes. Country by Country in Africa.

In South America Indians captured the market driving the Chinese out.

In 2018 India became the largest manufacturer of two wheelers in the world (twice the size of China). Indian companies have started buying out European Brands. The market leader of motorcycles in Europe is not BMW, its KTM owned by Bajaj. China is slipping fast not only in the manufacturing of Bikes also in the manufacturing of components. Indian suppliers are beating them hands down. Between three Indian Companies Hero, Bajaj and TVS India today dominates the world market. Honda a Japanese company has shifted most of it’s R&D to India.

Why was this not done in TVs, in Computers, in Mobile phones, in Pharmaceuticals and other industries? The same country, the same labor laws, the same infrastructure but not the same entrepreneurs. Indian businessmen are characterized by a myopic vison—it’s both short term as well as geographically limited. Of course, the government also does not help.

So, who is responsible for the Chinese dominance—the government, the people or the Corporates?
I think its all the three. When even ITI trained turners and fitters refuse to work in a shop floor, when a Stock Broker is paid more than an Engineer, when typing code is mistaken for technology, when governments refuse to amend antique labor and land laws when corporates think local and not global and finally when you, yes you, will not send your son to work on the shop floor, each one of these factors is as responsible for the Chinese dominance as much as their “Ethical Corruption”. We have been looted because we left our doors and windows open.

No this article is not supporting the Chinese. How dare they work so hard? And how dare they obey a communist government? We should stop buying all their goods and we will make every thing in our country. But we will work nine to five with a three-day weekend. We will overcome. One Day!!

-Rajiv Bajaj(MD, Bajaj Auto)

Few common reason why Startup In India Fail.

Many start-up’s in India fail moving to the reasons mentioned below.

As per a recent survey it has come to conclusion that 90 percentage of most Indian startups fail in the first five year of operations this is because of several factors mentioned below.

lack of exact need for innovation

your customers don’t want it, your market doesn’t want it, but you develop product assuming that you will find customers for it, this is one of the main reasons for the failure of startups.

you need to identify
what people want?

what is the gap in the market that needs to be addressed and then find a solution or service for it.

Patent Applied

Another point that I would like to make here is number of patents applied by each countries and if you were to compare, India applied for 5000 patents in 2016 in comparison to South Korea which had filed for 15,000 patents and China at 29000 patents and Japan at 45000 patents, this itself shows the kind of innovation that each country is having and that is what India is missing as well.

Innovative Companies.

the Forbes magazine read recently made a list of 25 innovative corporations in the world and there is only one Indian company that was featured and that was the Asian paints so we need innovation which is lacking in our country.

Copy Cats

We are largely copycats

for uber there was a Ola
air bnb we had oyo rooms
similarly for for Amazon we had Flipkart
For Spotify we have gaana

we are not innovating the way a startup should be performing

Disruptions on the products

we have not created a product or service that can be taken globally that can create disruptions in the market and that can change the way the market dynamics would work, like what Uber is doing to our country

unfortunately India is yet to make any Uber or air bnb by self yes oyo rooms may be a great success and it has gone truly global, yet in comparison then it is again a copy of a model that already exist.

we need innovative thinkers that come with Innovation and solutions that can help people.

India’s leading industrialist Mr Ratan Tata has always mentioned his displeasure over Indian startup not having a disruption model which can change the global dynamics of business.

Busines environment

None of Indian cities are featured among the global destinations for Innovation and research and development the only city in India which comes after 20th position is Bangalore that also is an indicator of how we should improve our atmosphere of startups

What problem in your customer’s life are you trying to solve that they cannot solve by themselves.

what every Indian entrepreneur and startup should ask them self is what problem in your customer’s life are you trying to solve that they cannot solve by themselves if you can find a solution a service and alternative that is what true startup should be doing and forcefully find a solution and then find a customer for it.

Customer money making model.

Innovation should happen around customers needs.

missing innovation around customer money making model is what missing.

Unfortunately in India most entrepreneurs think, how they can make money at the easiest turnaround time which itself is a wrong approach.

I find it like those movies which are made so that they win awards and others which get awards because they made a great movie, we should be in the later category.

Negative cash flows in negative working capital.

Negative cash flows in negative working capital please understand cheque in hand does not meet anything

what really you should be having is cash balances the assumption that you will be paid for the assumptions that you have made a business is not enough you need to see the real currency in your bank accounts that is when real startup will earn money else it will burst in no time.

profit and cash both are important profit in the books of accounts but not having cash does not make any sense therefore we should ensure that we have cash flows and stable steady cash flows.

An entrepreneur should always focus on positive cash flows.

Expansion with negative cash flows is always suicide for a startup.

Many start ups have this thinking of we will acquire the customer first even if we are in the losses for couple of years unless you have deep pockets and good backup having a loss reading strategy would ensure that your startup will terribly fail therefore do not catch a loss leading strategy we need to acquire customers as well as they should not be any gap between the cash flows.

Scaling up

What many of the startups forget is that they do not have a proper organised well planned scaling up chart.

They may be successful they may be profitable they will be a leading player in a particular region Yet they may not have a well sorted well-thought-out scaling up plan without which if the entrepreneur do not know where and how we can expand his business, it will, by all probabilities and its journey, somewhere in the middle or may not grow beyond a particular level.

They were as a startup you should ensure that you have a practical and very sorted out scale up plan.

Talented manpower, Good people Vs Right people.

In many office we employ, people whom we know,but understand you may have good people but you need to have the right people to scale up, you should always have the right people not good people it’s here many of the startups make as a mistake.

second point is regarding the expansion of the market,, always understand you cannot scale up with the same team that made you 1 million cannot help you make it 10 million therefore as we grow we need to change our key people. This includes your auditors as well.

Employ people who can question you. Who can say you are wrong.

Always ask yourself if you want to expand if you want to scale up do you want good people or do you want the right people and the answer should be you want the right people

The good people help you reached 1 million however this good people may not be accurate in terms of qualification in terms of exposure in terms of experience to teach you or to make you reach 10 billion target that you would have, therefore always remember to employ the right people

You should employ people who can question you, who have the guts to say that you are wrong who can correct you if you are wrong therefore we should ensure to have a team of people who motivates you to achieve your goal and who have the same vision as yours who has the same direction as yours.

Building teams are very important for entrepreneur growth do not forget that

Result oriented people.

Ensure that you employee result oriented people and not hard working people it has been observed that many companies have a good employees who come on time who does the job who does what you ask them to do and who do a brilliant job

You should employ people were result-oriented who have entrepreneur zeal inside them who are go getters and not yes boss people therefore ensure that you employ result oriented people.

Result oriented people are simply those boys or girls men or women those executive who bring quantifiable results to your organisation the results should be measurable in terms of sales volumes or in terms of revenue models ensure you have that kind of people.


most of the time meaning of the entrepreneurs do not delicate with authorities they want to do everything they do not trust or ensure that their employees are not trustable enough to do things within their scope and imagination if you do not delegate you cannot grow delegation with authority is the fundamental of business success and delegate with athority you need to develop a trained team bring in systems in such a way that there is no chances of falter ensure your team follow system in such a way that even if you go for a holiday for one month your organisation will still work with as much as a precision as it would work if you were physically present. Be a master artist in delegation.

Make your why very clear.

You should have absolute clarity on why do you get up everyday morning and that will be the answer to several of your questions on your entrepreneurial journey.

your vision should be in tag and you should always ask yourself why do I get up everyday in the morning what is my purpose of getting up in the morning everyday what is my vision and am I attaining it?

Wrong or confused product positioning.

Another major reason for the failure of startups or wrong positioning.

You cannot make a product for everyone.

You should know what is your products identity.

You should clearly know who are your customers always remember you cannot be a product for everyone you cannot be everybody product you cannot design a product for everybody therefore you should have a clear understanding as to the psychographic and demographics of the market and it is only based on that you should do product,pricing,packaging,branding marketing and communications.

You should also know your position well you should know whether you are the best whether you are the cheapest if you are the best or if you are the most valuable if you have the maximum features you should know where and what you stand for.

What products and what schemes that has to be introduced to introduce your product in the market is based on the above mentioned understanding of your product and services in the market.

Therefore positioning is a key important function of a startup.

Entry barriers

Have you created entry barriers to save yourself and your startup like patented technologies scale of operations economies of scale IPR before do you have any such things that can save you and your company from immediate competition.


Always remember your first product is not your final product how much every effort you put into making the best product you may still have to change as per the customer of market requirements therefore do not fall too much national in love with your product or service the willingness to change and accepting feedbacks critical to a startup.

finally it is a product that people wants not what you think people would want therefore we should be very adaptable and welcome to any suggestions and changes and if practical and if what they are saying make sense we should change ours, this does not mean that you changed as per what people say if you have a clear idea of what you are doing then you should not change your plan as well.

Good Luck as a marketing Strategy.

Thanks to Karthik Srinivasan for this input.

This new #packagingdesign idea by KitKat in Japan is as adorable as it is intelligent!

Nestlé Japan is moving from plastic packaging to paper packaging in Japan. But, instead of simply changing the material, they have also added an extra bit of fun and engagement – the paper packaging for KitKat Mini range will include instructions on how to make an origami crane out of it, instead of simply throwing it away!

Now, this is brilliant on 2 fronts.

One, the concept of origami cranes in Japan. Origami is, in itself, from Japan, meaning fold+paper – ori+kami. As for cranes, they have mystical appeal in Japan and are believed to live for a thousand years. So, cranes represent good luck and longevity. Traditionally in Japan, it is believed that if one folded 1,000 origami cranes, their wish would come true!

This is where the 2nd point of intelligence comes in – the Japanese phrase ‘kitto katsu’ means ‘sure to succeed’ and Kit Kat has already played up this similar-sounding phase in its marketing in Japan. So, now they are encouraging people to buy KitKat, not throw away the wrapper but make it into an origami paper crane, add their wish/message in the wings and give it to people as a lucky charm!

-As mentioned, due to its association with good luck, the sales of kit kat increases drastically during examination time. Many students even carry the chocolate to the examination hall.
-300 unique kit kat flavours are available only in Japan and some in select localities only.
-5 million kit Kars are Sold in a day in Japan.

The future of Every thing.

The future of everything

Electric cars have halted several years of automotive research, the traditional engines are now called ic engines (internal combustion) engines. 

Battery manufactures will be the next Infosys and Wipros of the world. 

R&D in battery and related business will have great job potential. 

The most famous job interview question, where would like to see your self 5 years from now? will have no relevance, as many of the jobs that exist today won’t exist 5 yrs from now. Ai (artificial intelligence) will take over.

The goolgle assist will make the job of call centre executives looks like a joke.

The medical transcription  job will lose its relevance in no time, because the voice recognition software are so superior with the event of technology.

Travellers will find it easy to go to remotest places and with the help of google translate you can communicate in Russian without knowing a word in Russian. Your google lens can read Chinese and guide you to your exact location. 

You can cycle in entire city of Berlin without asking anyone for location just use google maps and it all so easy. 

Using Ai google can realise what the customer wants and recommend him greatest products or services. Google assist with help of what’s app integration will send messages about the customer of exactly as what he wants.  

Many of the jobs that exist today may not be there 5 yrs from now.  

Google maps is tracking your behaviour each time you enter a restaurant they ask for a review if you review and write the mutton biryani was excellent the ai in google maps have identified that you love mutton and whenever there is a option where you are searching for milk shakes in Chennai just besides the milk shakes it will offer you a review of the best mutton biryani in Chennai, how google help business.  

Google knows you and your behaviour more than you know your self.

Google will also know where you travel what time you travel where you stop to eat, what, do you smoke(if you smoke) how much time you will take to eat a masala dosa vada and tea or normal pattern which route you take to reach where and why you stop at a particular place. 

You reach the exact location, but you may also miss a competitive price in this deal. So understand there is no free lunch. 

If you stop at a particular tea shop google will identify why you stop there based on study of patterns of others who follow the same route.

How can google identify if you smoke  

They track your movements and they will collaborate with people who does the same movements and identify the behaviour patterns the age group etc and the answer will be 90% correct.  

As per google they say, they can 99% certify if your husband or wife is cheating on you.

Indian Insurance firms will love this feature.Google can even identify if you are a rash driver or not, and send this data to insurance firms to over charge you next time you make your premium payment or in event of a accident the insurance companies now has a better reason why they should not pay you.   

Tesla can raise your cars suspension sitting at their office using central computer.

Sound engineering for automobiles is the next big thing.

Imagine Ferrari without the roaring engine noise, imagine Harley Davison without the potato potato sound.  

Sound engineers have a great future in automotive industry, how? Well, with the increasing focus on electric vehicles and its speed and its range, what’s missing is the sound, all electric cars have absolutely no sound, this is in a way is dangerous as most of pedestrians move when they hear the sound, so the next is creation of Ferrari sound, and creation of outdoor speakers system for cars and bikes.  

So among the new features that one will check when they purchase new car will be, how powerful is the speakers and who designed it.  

For example a r rahman designed bose external speakers 2000 watts.  

Each car manufacturers will be designing their own version of engine sound, from now by hearing the artificially created sound of the engine we will say some one has come in a Lamborghini or Tesla.

Next time you walk into a cafe the Ai (artificial intelligence) camera will identify your face, and pass the message to the cashier at the counter and the billing kiosk would say, your name and last time you visited here, what dish you ordered and that’s not all, it will integrate with your bank and says what products you have ordered and which location and from where, also your taste preference and also know if you are diabetic and then send you message of diabetic clinic nearby.

Apple Watch already have a feature where it can measure you ECG and in case of a drop in ECG count it can alert the nearest ambulance service. 

Travel and Tourism Industry 

It will also identify, if you have a close relative living abroad and then if they have booked a flight they will show the ad that you were looking and send messages to you about the same laptop you were looking for and the price in dubai or USA. 

Now if you book your ticket online, The moment a confirmed flight ticket reaches your inbox, all the related marketing activities will start to operate. 

Banks with forex card, money exchange ads, logistics companies, Uber service  

OTT and home entertainment with subscription channels 

Earlier bigger your TV screen the more luxurious it will be, Samsung OLED 65 inch which was 3,50,000 is now 135000 with even better features and you will get a similar LED from TCL with 3 yr  full warranty for Rs 65000 despite all this, the need for watching tv has reduced drastically.

The earlier ads where husband and wife fight for tv remote looks so stale. Now everyone can watch their favourite tv shows on their mobile. Why do you need a tv. 

Another reason which I personally believe is that, the success of OTT is the ability to fast forward a movie, this is not possible when you are watching a tv subscription. 

Most newspaper will go out of business in next 5 yrs, and for most us the news from news papers is what we have already read in their web portal. 

The bombay times, page 3, was a key reason for many youngsters to read the times of india, well now we have much more from Instagram, why would one want to read it in print. Plus you need to open the paper to read. 

In URBAN warfare.

Drones, Ai (artificial intelligence), laser light guided bullet with 99.9% accuracy is the next scale weaponry of mass destruction. 

Drone traffic control room for managing food delivery, courier delivery and medicine delivery there will be prescribed routes for using drones else it can create drone crash like mid air collision or similar.  


Remember the time when we use to look up to those who hold a canon 6d etc, now you can get almost the same result as Phone cameras with Ai (artificial intelligence) can make any one a professional photographer with now additional filters, and what ever you can imagine. 


You spend some time on Instagram you get to feel everyone is so happy, yet the depression cases in women have increase 10 folds, it’s  contrary to the happiness quotient. 

The Negative Impact.

New age psychological disorders among children and adults is next big social issues, The next de addiction centres will not be for alcohol and drugs but for mobile phone addiction, porn addiction, game addiction, concentration lapse disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and what not. Now that

Deepika padukone, has openly declared that she had suffered depression many young ladies have started consulting psychiatrist for being depressed, unknowingly depression and being depressed is totally different subject.

Many are already having such disorders, but not yet identified.  

My wife feels I am one, of them, unidentified psycho cases walking freely.  

Next generation ideas will be. “Get lost” Tourism.

Take a small piece of land in Ooty or similar place,With cows goats rabbits dogs horses and all domestic animals to spend quality times with them. Read only books, no tv, totally no internet. One psychiatric counsellor.  personalised yoga teacher.Eat raw cooked food. This will be the tourism of the future.

Hisham, on the future of every thing.

Entrepreneurship what i earned

I am writing few points on a topic called entrepreneurship that someday if anybody asks me to talk about entrepreneurship I would just take these notes that I am going to write below and just put the referral points and make a brilliant effective excellent speech for everybody to listen enjoy and remember

There are different kind of entrepreneurs the first generation that means you do not have a background of anything related to entrepreneurship of business second is those who would like to start up a business because they have sufficient and more funds by the family or another way around that’s it is a set of entrepreneurs who have business background who had a platform to start I would fall in the category 3 but there is a difference I am a family never wanted me to come into the business as it was way too difficult to manage and operate the business though we are in business for 32 years in business I had to take up this business because all of a sudden unexpectedly my father passed away and this was the only option that was lying in front of me

I am from an Advertising background in Bombay I had a dream of becoming the next Piyush Pandey or similar they are still my icons I still read the books about them but that was not meant for me

today I am an entrepreneur in food business the business that my family has given me

I am sharing what I have learnt from my careers that have spent on my business and Entrepreneurship these are the few points which I have learnt, some maybe rights and may not be but these are all exclusively my way of doing business and from what I have learnt with the people that I have worked with, your experiences are different and your success is different your failures are different we have no similarities or maybe 2 min similarities that is up to you to find out if there are any or if there are any

Important talent an entrepreneur should have a the most important quality of an entrepreneur should be passion and passion and passion and passion and passion there is no entrepreneur in this world whom I know have become what they are without having this word inside them called passion

Want to know what is Passion, Passion & Passion simply means that drive

  • to learn more,
  • to know more,
  • to do more,

to do more than what are others do

to to find out a gap that is in the market and fulfill that gap, grab your intent is to make things life easy for other people make things better for other people make solutions that a better for the people make things that a cost-effective make things that make people happy that should be the idea of entrepreneurship that is the passion that  i am talking about.



meaning of us feel entrepreneurship is all about making money the moment you thought entrepreneurship is making money you’ve lost it my friendsYour lost in you.

grab your opportunity is to make things  & life easy for other people make things better for other people make solutions that a better for the people make things that a cost-effective make things that make people happy that should be the idea of entrepreneurship that is the passion meaning of us feel entrepreneurship is all about making money the moment you thought entrepreneurship is making money you’ve lost it my friends Your lost in you.

make things better for other people make solutions that a better for the people make things that a cost-effective make things that make people happy that should be the idea of entrepreneurship that is the passion meaning of us feel entrepreneurship is all about making money the moment you thought entrepreneurship is making money you’ve lost it my friends Your lost in you.

make solutions that a better for the people make things that a cost-effective make things that make people happy that should be the idea of entrepreneurship that is the passion meaning of us feel entrepreneurship is all about making money the moment you thought entrepreneurship is making money you’ve lost it my friends you are lost in you.

grab the opportunity to make life easy for other people make things better for other people make solutions that a better for the people make things that a cost-effective make things that make people happy that should be the idea of entrepreneurship that is the passion meaning of us feel entrepreneurship is all about making money the moment you thought entrepreneurship is making money you’ve lost it, my friends, Your lost in you.

make things better for other people make solutions that a better for the people make things that a cost-effective make things that make people happy that should be the idea of entrepreneurship that is the passion meaning of us feel entrepreneurship is all about making money the moment you thought entrepreneurship is making money you’ve lost it my friends Your lost in you.

You are not making money by entrepreneurship money is just outcome of what you did because you’re passionate about doing what you do. Trust me the car that you dream of the great Villa that you dream house Or whatever you dream of when you earn money will not be of any great significance to you because you are still getting ahead in life and you won’t even realise that you are travelling in your dream car or you are staying and living there in the villa that you dreamt about, these are all just material things that is a result of your passion.
Educated vs skilled. Vs talented.
I would also like to point out here that there are several educated talented mathematics genius is that I know who have done poorly in Entrepreneurship or have been terrible failures when they took up entrepreneurship because the way they think is good on paper and entrepreneurship is not just on paper its a lot more to do then what you know, your knowledge is just a part of it,your skill and talent is what makes it for you to become an entrepreneur.
Often meaning of us don’t know what being passionate is all about because we have never been passionate about anything, in particular, we being happy with smaller success is that we get out the largest success is that we get but the moment we get it we are so relaxed we’re so contemplated vs sir composed that we have achieved a particular gold, unfortunately, Basheer is not about achieving a particular gold fashion means greed passion means hunger hunger to know more hunger to learn more than what you have understood hunger to understand anything more on the same subject you search on YouTube you search on newspapers you read you understand you visit you to everything you meet people who knows more than you want to learn more from you-you go meet entrepreneurs you go read about entrepreneurs use read on your subject is it on your subject you learn in learn you unlearn and you learn every single day of your life that is passion in entrepreneurship.
Do a bit late I have understood one thing in life the difference between the successful people and not successful people is one simple term called habit
if you want to be successful be as passionate as the successful people or which you are not doing.
even the successful people do not like waking up at 5 o’clock but you have to
even successful people don’t like updating and reading materials on the subject that they are doing the business.
Successful people do not like waking up and going for workouts which is a habit which you don’t do
so anything and everything to become successful in life is habit and habit is what we have to develop to become successful.
This is one of my favourite subjects in entrepreneurship is failure
failure simply means you have to redo it again to get a better result so that you will succeed that’s my conclusion.
there are also several types of failures when you doing really well or really good sales tax authorities or some kind of legal problems can corp-corp up and it will take your life,  it will happen only in the first face after that when you get hit you get more used to it and then it will become a habit so you will never get affected by the big blow that can happen because of a change in government policy.
 Passion Vs Money
Mark Zukerberg
Narayana murthy
Kochouseph chitillapally
they never was looking for money as a prime objective, they never did anything so that some investors would come they did it,

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Millionaire a Kerala perspective

“Millionaire” By Hisham Kabir

Believe on one self, from all the talks and the observation that I have made by studying millionaires across the nation is that, they believe they are, they believed they will, and this is the fundamental for making of a millionaire.

Making your first million is the most difficult task, once you are in this club, and then look no further your associates would keep you afloat.

Yes, you got to be talented, you may need to have god gifted talent and a kind of bravery where your fortune works, the challenge is where you have to find this hidden talent inside you.

I have not heard, read or come across any millionaire who is not multi talented, guess they have a great smelling sense, they can smell success, much ahead of many of us, they can see the big picture that any average cannot think off.

They are sharp at their decisions, no decisions of there’s goes wrong, if ever it does, it is steps for the right decision.

They are truly DARING. I would quote an example here, way back in late 90’s when Mr Kochouspeh the chairman of Vguard industries was planning to venture into theme parks and that too in a place far away from Kakanad, many of them said he would flop, and now its for the nation to see what he as attained. Or Mr Mohammed Ali, who built the le meridian hotel way too far away from city and made it the most successful hotel projects in the state. Or Mr Babu Moopen of the Nippon Toyota who made a hill into Toyota’s largest showrooms in the world.

They are good at calculations, when I say calculations I did not mean math, here I mean, judgment, mind reading, business calculations, seeing big picture etc.

They know where to draw the line, for which i would quote a famous hindi movie dialogue, “Hum jahan khade hote hai line wahi se shuru hoti hai”. the power of command, the power of will and extremity in self confidence is what makes one say this.

Most of them have one person who is called the kingpin, or right hand, no decision goes without his consent.

Hardworking, disciplined early raisers, reaches office every day much before the sweeper arrives, the only time most of us would have arrived before time would have been when there is a particular work, or when we might have had an over night stay at our office.

Master of Delegation

They are well delegated, I know the owner of a very large transport logistics company who said, “every day he gets to know his vehicle has some accident or some labour issues” and while he said this i realised it was a Monday and on a wedding, this shows how well he is delegated his work, that one side when his vehicle is having a damage control act, he is laughing with his friends at a wedding, that is the level of delegation he has managed.

They are time bound, they believe if it cannot be attained in x no: of days it’s just not worth it.

The world best sales man,who believed he can convince any deal, may not win in front of them, or their logical calculations, and the CEO end up saying this famous hindi movie dialogue to the sales person ” jis school me thum ye sab pade ho, uska headmaster abhi bhi mujse tution letha hai”

They have one man whom you can call as right hand, without him no decisions happen, the CEO asks one word with him always, he also know the CEO’s likes dislikes and attitudes better than the CEO wife.

They are sharp in judgment.

They are not MBA’s I guess ignorance is bliss however they can teach you what they don’t teach at Harvard business school.


They command power, be it the way the arrive, the way they present them selves, times are changing from rich man simple man humble man is thing of the past, this modest millionaire would have a phantom in his fleet.


They are good at calculations they are sharp enough to asses your turnover after talking business with you for 3 minutes. I have heard from a close relative of mine, who is doing business worth several millions on a conversation with Mr. M.K.Yusuf Ali, the chairman of Lulu Group Dubai that Mr Ali asked him, so your company would be having a total turnover of X crores of rupees, and it was perfect calculation. This is the kind of judgement that they possess.


They make good use of sense organs the way god wanted it to be used, they see more, listen more and talk less.


They are very hard working.


They are master of delegation.


When a person does all the above mentioned points religiously and he turns his organization to success, many call him to be a LUCKY GUY.


“Millionaire” By Hisham Kabir



I present to KMA my vision of Management and Management Education in India.

Since it all starts with education I shall also start from there.

Management Education System In India.

India has produced among the finest franchisees of management education in the form of the IIM, a brand well recognized all over the world. The speed, accuracy and the analytical ability of average IIM student would be the best in the world.

After the IIM there are top 20 or so management institutes in the country who started their management programmes some 20 years back, much before management education made business sense.

Then there is other, who are over 20 year old, but did not catch up to the brand positioning and have faded over the years.

Then there are new breeds like the IIPM’s and Amity and similar to name a few. However there has been several cases where students of these institutes are complaining of poor placements and poor quality of Education they got for the money they paid.

Then there are MBA offered by engineering colleges, where they decide to utilize the 10 cents of land that was lying vacant for MBA programme.

The quality of MBA Students, has deteriorated beyond acceptable norms.

Most MBA’s of our country join MBA because
1. Its lighter to study
2. 2 yrs of fun and time pass
3. Extend your wedding
4. Easiest entry and the lowest cost
5. Being a under grad is not respected in the society and for improving your prospects of wedding.

So where should this change start from
The faculty

Being a faculty is not an attractive job, will any student who are studying now would ever say that they want to become a faculty. The answer is NO.

Most of the faculty is there because either they have some personal commitment at home, or some other reason best know to them, but surely it will not be because they want to be a great faculty.
So as a RULE 1

Remuneration of those who intend to be a faculty should be so attractive and comparable to the banking and the software that prospective people start to think of shifting towards teaching as a profession and makes a huge business sense.

There is a serious need to correct the body language of the faculty members.

KMA’s Programme PGDTRM (Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Research in Management) is a great beginning, however attending the inaugural session and seeing those who have taken up the course made me sad, they all had a very poor and negative body language, therefore I believe the first lesson that should be taught should be body language and posture that reflect positivity in the faculty only then we can make great managers and entrepreneurs of the future.

Dr Raman Nair of SCMS who have attended the faculty training programme at IMDI Switzerland would give KMA more insight into this.

Education business is like any other business in India, the students, since they are 18+ are considered should be considered as a consumers or customers therefore regarded as customers first students later, so can we have a customer satisfaction index.

Management education should be a 3 Year Programme.

1st Year learning basic management covering all aspects of management.
2nd year work in a company for a minimum remuneration.
3rd year back to college complete the course and be ready for placements, if you have made a great impact in the company that you have worked as a trainee, then be rest assured you can dictate your salary terms and not the company.

KMA Should Promote Simple & Large Organization in Kerala.

Management, the term seems only applicable to the corporate world, we talk about top level companies in India but if we need to learn the real management, we have true examples right here in Kerala, there are several companies in Kerala who are not very media savvy but have more than 500 employees, and have policies and practices that can put many of the so called professionally managed corporate companies in our country to shame.

For an eg many of these companies do a lot for the community and the society but they don’t term this act as Corporate Social Responsibility.

Kerala being a state with such vigorous militant labor acts how does these companies survive and where employee management is a serious concern and how do they become successful.

The efforts of all the office bearers of KMA in conducting the recently held KMA meet is truly praise worthy, the theme Emerging Kerala, was truly a great subject.

However bearing the fact that the efforts of KMA’s activities got sufficient intended media coverage what is the step to change, that has happened.

We need efforts like Jassica Lal Case with the help of media to bring change in Kerala and to Kochi.

Kerala being a tourism potential state, what is the progress that has been made in these efforts.

We need roads that are well laid, like the present kaloor kadavanthara road, the authorities who made this happened should be given awards by KMA, such kind of recognition will make the people behind the scene feel pride in what they have done and encourage them to do such sincere work in the future as well.

Entrepreneurship Cell.

In India we need to create more jobs, so i would recommend that all colleges should have a Entrepreneur Cell to promote entrepreneurship culture among the youth in the country.

Most common thing that we hear about very successful business entrepreneurs are “he was my neighbor, he use to travel in a bicycle, if he had not got the funds, he have done enough fraud etc etc.

But from many of the super powerful businessman that I have met, studied and done research on, I have concluded that they have few traits that many of them do not know,

They are great visionaries,
They are very positive in approach,
They have a sharp business sense

But I would quote, they are what they are because they are multi talented, multi dimensional, “wowsome” personalities and they work very hard for it, very very hard.

Show me one super powerful business man who does not have any of the above mentioned qualities.

The problem is, unlike in US they do not write any books on how they made it (just kidding)

The objective being

To develop budding entrepreneurs specifically to promote investments in Kerala and generate more employment.

Assign sector heads for each industry type.

Eg. ITES, Food Processing, Coir Development, Organic Farming etc.

If anyone wants any information or help they can approach KMA and Kma shall direct to the sector head who shall do the needful further.

Compulsory student membership for all management students with a nominal fee. “larger the member, Stronger the association”

Membership development should also be a key focus of the key KMA members.
“More members, wider the network”

Every management college should contribute to KMA journal there shall be an award for the best informative and strong message delivering contribution.

There are Possible, Marketable, and profitable tourism promotion plans that I can suggest to KMA which in turn should be handed over to the tourism minister.

Jai Hind.


[Management Views from IIMB is an exclusive column written by faculty members of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore]

Who sells the largest number of cameras in India?

Your guess is likely to be Sony, Canon or Nikon. Answer is none of the above. The winner is Nokia whose main line of business in India is not cameras but cell phones.

Reason being cameras bundled with cellphones are outselling stand alone cameras. Now, what prevents the cellphone from replacing the camera outright? Nothing at all. One can only hope the Sonys and Canons are taking note.

Try this. Who is the biggest in music business in India? You think it is HMV Sa-Re-Ga-Ma? Sorry. The answer is Airtel. By selling caller tunes (that play for 30 seconds) Airtel makes more than what music companies make by selling music albums (that run for hours).

Incidentally Airtel is not in music business. It is the mobile service provider with the largest subscriber base in India. That sort of competitor is difficult to detect, even more difficult to beat (by the time you have identified him he has already gone past you). But if you imagine that Nokia and Bharti (Airtel’s parent) are breathing easy you can’t be farther from truth.

Nokia confessed that they all but missed the smartphone bus. They admit that Apple’s Iphone and Google’s Android can make life difficult in future. But you never thought Google was a mobile company, did you? If these illustrations mean anything, there is a bigger game unfolding. It is not so much about mobile or music or camera or emails?

The “Mahabharat” (the great Indian epic battle) is about “what is tomorrow’s personal digital device”? Will it be a souped up mobile or a palmtop with a telephone? All these are little wars that add up to that big battle. Hiding behind all these wars is a gem of a question “who is my competitor?”

Once in a while, to intrigue my students I toss a question at them. It says “What Apple did to Sony, Sony did to Kodak, explain?” The smart ones get the answer almost immediately. Sony defined its market as audio (music from the walkman). They never expected an IT company like Apple to encroach into their audio domain. Come to think of it, is it really surprising? Apple as a computer maker has both audio and video capabilities. So what made Sony think he won’t compete on pure audio? “Elementary Watson”. So also Kodak defined its business as film cameras, Sony defines its businesses as “digital.”

In digital camera the two markets perfectly meshed. Kodak was torn between going digital and sacrificing money on camera film or staying with films and getting left behind in digital technology. Left undecided it lost in both. It had to. It did not ask the question “who is my competitor for tomorrow?” The same was true for IBM whose mainframe revenue prevented it from seeing the PC. The same was true of Bill Gates who declared “internet is a fad!” and then turned around to bundle the browser with windows to bury Netscape. The point is not who is today’s competitor. Today’s competitor is obvious. Tomorrow’s is not.

In 2008, who was the toughest competitor to British Airways in India? Singapore airlines? Better still, Indian airlines? Maybe, but there are better answers. There are competitors that can hurt all these airlines and others not mentioned. The answer is videoconferencing and telepresence services of HP and Cisco. Travel dropped due to recession. Senior IT executives in India and abroad were compelled by their head quarters to use videoconferencing to shrink travel budget. So much so, that the mad scramble for American visas from Indian techies was nowhere in sight in 2008. (India has a quota of something like 65,000 visas to the U.S. They were going a-begging. Blame it on recession!). So far so good. But to think that the airlines will be back in business post recession is something I would not bet on. In short term yes. In long term a resounding no. Remember, if there is one place where Newton’s law of gravity is applicable besides physics it is in electronic hardware. Between 1977 and 1991 the prices of the now dead VCR (parent of Blue-Ray disc player) crashed to one-third of its original level in India. PC’s price dropped from hundreds of thousands of rupees to tens of thousands. If this trend repeats then telepresence prices will also crash. Imagine the fate of airlines then. As it is not many are making money. Then it will surely be RIP!

India has two passions. Films and cricket. The two markets were distinctly different. So were the icons. The cricket gods were Sachin and Sehwag. The filmi gods were the Khans (Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and the other Khans who followed suit). That was, when cricket was fundamentally test cricket or at best 50 over cricket. Then came IPL and the two markets collapsed into one. IPL brought cricket down to 20 overs. Suddenly an IPL match was reduced to the length of a 3 hour movie. Cricket became film’s competitor. On the eve of IPL matches movie halls ran empty. Desperate multiplex owners requisitioned the rights for screening IPL matches at movie halls to hang on to the audience. If IPL were to become the mainstay of cricket, as it is likely to be, films have to sequence their releases so as not clash with IPL matches. As far as the audience is concerned both are what in India are called 3 hour “tamasha” (entertainment) . Cricket season might push films out of the market.

Look at the products that vanished from India in the last 20 years. When did you last see a black and white movie? When did you last use a fountain pen? When did you last type on a typewriter? The answer for all the above is “I don’t remember!” For some time there was a mild substitute for the typewriter called electronic typewriter that had limited memory. Then came the computer and mowed them all. Today most technologically challenged guys like me use the computer as an upgraded typewriter. Typewriters per se are nowhere to be seen.

One last illustration. 20 years back what were Indians using to wake them up in the morning? The answer is “alarm clock.” The alarm clock was a monster made of mechanical springs. It had to be physically keyed every day to keep it running. It made so much noise by way of alarm, that it woke you up and the rest of the colony. Then came quartz clocks which were sleeker. They were much more gentle though still quaintly called “alarms.” What do we use today for waking up in the morning? Cellphone! An entire industry of clocks disappeared without warning thanks to cell phones. Big watch companies like Titan were the losers. You never know in which bush your competitor is hiding!

On a lighter vein, who are the competitors for authors? Joke spewing machines? (Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, himself a Pole, tagged a Polish joke telling machine to a telephone much to the mirth of Silicon Valley). Or will the competition be story telling robots? Future is scary! The boss of an IT company once said something interesting about the animal called competition. He said “Have breakfast &or&. be breakfast”! That sums it up rather neatly.

Dr. Y. L. R. Moorthi is a Professor at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He is an M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and a post graduate in management from IIM, Bangalore.

Drawbacks of management education in India

90% of all the management students that I met claimed that they are doing a management course because they felt, a management degree can improve their career, no one said “i am joining, so as to learn business”

MBA has a word administration, which I feel neither students nor management institute gives much importance to.

The system of management education needs to be changed in our country.

I feel this is completely wrong approach to management education in our country; they develop manager donkeys.

My professor during my management programme use to quote “none of you donkeys will need to wear a suit, as the only thing that you would be doing is taking your bosses lap top and going where he asks you to go”

Our marketing classes do not give importance to number crunching, where as, numbers are the most important facts as far as marketing is concerned. Facts, figures, percentage, profit margin, debt equity ratio, net ROI, weights, graphs, compare evaluation, actual sales, etc. How many of you in marketing have actually thought you need to be through with these skills, and believe me that’s the reason why MBA in marketing is considered more on to a glorified sales man job, you cannot become a good marketer unless you can crack the number game.

Most students join marketing thinking that it’s the easiest to clear exams, however, this not true if you are in IIM and similar.

Similarly with HR, most of them think HR is a feminine subject in MBA and leaving few women who are extremely successful with HR, most of them are doing HR jobs to send birthday reminders to colleagues of their firm.

HR involves performance evaluation, number game, legalities, labor laws, crisis management, corporate communications, negotiation and strategy. HR form the most important function of management, however, in most management institutes HR is neither given nor getting the value that it should be getting, as a business man what I found is that HR, is the most important function of business and well as management, the game is all about managing your resources, the most important among them being human resource.

I being a business man have understood the importance and value of HR. and sad no one is actually very keen to take up HR as a serious career.

Finance, operations and others can actually be done by computers; it’s the marketing skills of yours that can come to help to have a great career in finance.

Do keep a track of all your alumni and what they do, it’s very important to shape your career.

Catch my next article on business networking.