The Chinese Dragon by Rajiv Bajaj, The King of Indian Motorcycle Industry.

indian motorcycle industry giant on how to win over China storm.

Solution to increase emoloyee productivity.

If you are the owner of a successful business you must read below. We will help u save more than a lakh a month and guaranteed increase in your business of 20%. Research has proven that the most efficient humans are most inefficient between 4.0 pm to 6.00 pm and the primary reason is unattendedContinue reading “Solution to increase emoloyee productivity.”

MBA no longer a passport to a successful career, B-school grads struggle to find good jobs

several MBA colleges without clear focus, many of them who pass out cannot even manage a small tea shop, but they are MBA on paper.

MBA students should learn and not study. Entrepreneurship is what they should focus on.
Entrepreneurs in Kochi


There are several management institute in the country how many of them are good and worth the money you spend, what an ideal MBA course should focus on. The need to develop entrepreneurs for our country,