New way to enjoy 3 roses tea.

We just need to understand that unilever is listening to the new young consumer needs and making products that suit them. This is one such result of an extensive market research that’s concluded that the consumer would love to make tea but using a strainer and then cleaning the tumbler in which tea is madeContinue reading “New way to enjoy 3 roses tea.”

Dev Snacks a Kerala based traditional snacks company, ruling south India.

Can you imagine an indian company going to italy and selling the best Italian pizza in Italy. Well that’s exactly what dev snacks a kollam based snack food manufacturing company have done in South Indian market. Become a market leader in several areas of kerala tamilnadu and karnataka including bangalore at a place where localContinue reading “Dev Snacks a Kerala based traditional snacks company, ruling south India.”

Dabur Coconut oil got it spot on.

I felt this is a classic case of hitting the competitor bang in the middle. Took the market leader and competitor added your companies strength and added a price advantage and then shouted it out loud. Plus it’s an edible oil. What more should the buyers ask for.