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The future of Every thing.

The future of everything

Electric cars have halted several years of automotive research, the traditional engines are now called ic engines (internal combustion) engines. 

Battery manufactures will be the next Infosys and Wipros of the world. 

R&D in battery and related business will have great job potential. 

The most famous job interview question, where would like to see your self 5 years from now? will have no relevance, as many of the jobs that exist today won’t exist 5 yrs from now. Ai (artificial intelligence) will take over.

The goolgle assist will make the job of call centre executives looks like a joke.

The medical transcription  job will lose its relevance in no time, because the voice recognition software are so superior with the event of technology.

Travellers will find it easy to go to remotest places and with the help of google translate you can communicate in Russian without knowing a word in Russian. Your google lens can read Chinese and guide you to your exact location. 

You can cycle in entire city of Berlin without asking anyone for location just use google maps and it all so easy. 

Using Ai google can realise what the customer wants and recommend him greatest products or services. Google assist with help of what’s app integration will send messages about the customer of exactly as what he wants.  

Many of the jobs that exist today may not be there 5 yrs from now.  

Google maps is tracking your behaviour each time you enter a restaurant they ask for a review if you review and write the mutton biryani was excellent the ai in google maps have identified that you love mutton and whenever there is a option where you are searching for milk shakes in Chennai just besides the milk shakes it will offer you a review of the best mutton biryani in Chennai, how google help business.  

Google knows you and your behaviour more than you know your self.

Google will also know where you travel what time you travel where you stop to eat, what, do you smoke(if you smoke) how much time you will take to eat a masala dosa vada and tea or normal pattern which route you take to reach where and why you stop at a particular place. 

You reach the exact location, but you may also miss a competitive price in this deal. So understand there is no free lunch. 

If you stop at a particular tea shop google will identify why you stop there based on study of patterns of others who follow the same route.

How can google identify if you smoke  

They track your movements and they will collaborate with people who does the same movements and identify the behaviour patterns the age group etc and the answer will be 90% correct.  

As per google they say, they can 99% certify if your husband or wife is cheating on you.

Indian Insurance firms will love this feature.Google can even identify if you are a rash driver or not, and send this data to insurance firms to over charge you next time you make your premium payment or in event of a accident the insurance companies now has a better reason why they should not pay you.   

Tesla can raise your cars suspension sitting at their office using central computer.

Sound engineering for automobiles is the next big thing.

Imagine Ferrari without the roaring engine noise, imagine Harley Davison without the potato potato sound.  

Sound engineers have a great future in automotive industry, how? Well, with the increasing focus on electric vehicles and its speed and its range, what’s missing is the sound, all electric cars have absolutely no sound, this is in a way is dangerous as most of pedestrians move when they hear the sound, so the next is creation of Ferrari sound, and creation of outdoor speakers system for cars and bikes.  

So among the new features that one will check when they purchase new car will be, how powerful is the speakers and who designed it.  

For example a r rahman designed bose external speakers 2000 watts.  

Each car manufacturers will be designing their own version of engine sound, from now by hearing the artificially created sound of the engine we will say some one has come in a Lamborghini or Tesla.

Next time you walk into a cafe the Ai (artificial intelligence) camera will identify your face, and pass the message to the cashier at the counter and the billing kiosk would say, your name and last time you visited here, what dish you ordered and that’s not all, it will integrate with your bank and says what products you have ordered and which location and from where, also your taste preference and also know if you are diabetic and then send you message of diabetic clinic nearby.

Apple Watch already have a feature where it can measure you ECG and in case of a drop in ECG count it can alert the nearest ambulance service. 

Travel and Tourism Industry 

It will also identify, if you have a close relative living abroad and then if they have booked a flight they will show the ad that you were looking and send messages to you about the same laptop you were looking for and the price in dubai or USA. 

Now if you book your ticket online, The moment a confirmed flight ticket reaches your inbox, all the related marketing activities will start to operate. 

Banks with forex card, money exchange ads, logistics companies, Uber service  

OTT and home entertainment with subscription channels 

Earlier bigger your TV screen the more luxurious it will be, Samsung OLED 65 inch which was 3,50,000 is now 135000 with even better features and you will get a similar LED from TCL with 3 yr  full warranty for Rs 65000 despite all this, the need for watching tv has reduced drastically.

The earlier ads where husband and wife fight for tv remote looks so stale. Now everyone can watch their favourite tv shows on their mobile. Why do you need a tv. 

Another reason which I personally believe is that, the success of OTT is the ability to fast forward a movie, this is not possible when you are watching a tv subscription. 

Most newspaper will go out of business in next 5 yrs, and for most us the news from news papers is what we have already read in their web portal. 

The bombay times, page 3, was a key reason for many youngsters to read the times of india, well now we have much more from Instagram, why would one want to read it in print. Plus you need to open the paper to read. 

In URBAN warfare.

Drones, Ai (artificial intelligence), laser light guided bullet with 99.9% accuracy is the next scale weaponry of mass destruction. 

Drone traffic control room for managing food delivery, courier delivery and medicine delivery there will be prescribed routes for using drones else it can create drone crash like mid air collision or similar.  


Remember the time when we use to look up to those who hold a canon 6d etc, now you can get almost the same result as Phone cameras with Ai (artificial intelligence) can make any one a professional photographer with now additional filters, and what ever you can imagine. 


You spend some time on Instagram you get to feel everyone is so happy, yet the depression cases in women have increase 10 folds, it’s  contrary to the happiness quotient. 

The Negative Impact.

New age psychological disorders among children and adults is next big social issues, The next de addiction centres will not be for alcohol and drugs but for mobile phone addiction, porn addiction, game addiction, concentration lapse disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and what not. Now that

Deepika padukone, has openly declared that she had suffered depression many young ladies have started consulting psychiatrist for being depressed, unknowingly depression and being depressed is totally different subject.

Many are already having such disorders, but not yet identified.  

My wife feels I am one, of them, unidentified psycho cases walking freely.  

Next generation ideas will be. “Get lost” Tourism.

Take a small piece of land in Ooty or similar place,With cows goats rabbits dogs horses and all domestic animals to spend quality times with them. Read only books, no tv, totally no internet. One psychiatric counsellor.  personalised yoga teacher.Eat raw cooked food. This will be the tourism of the future.

Hisham, on the future of every thing.

Incredible India Very Expensive

My freind from Mumbai wanted to Visit Kerala (the most sought after destination in India and backed by brilliant commercials that is being feature at UK and USA) Kerala otherwise known as “the gods own country” looks brilliant and sometimes munnar can make you feel like nothing better than the best in the world,however it comes at a cost.

If you get your math right, India is a more expensive tourist destination if you just discount, the international flight charges, now with low cost cheap fights like, air Asia, is making Singapore and Malaysia much more cheaper destination for average Indians. Whats more, the the price that you pay for a 3 star accommodation you can get it for much lesser prices there than in India.

On the contrary Our Govt, is looking for options where by you can further tax,, or find new methods of taxing either the tourist or the hotels.

Govt have spend several crores of rupees, for their most famous campaign Incredible India, and have even roped in actor aamir khan to promote it, but let me ask you, whats the point, when govt has taken no action to at least keep dustbins or waste bins in major tourists areas.

TAJ MAHAL is a classic example of how bad govt of India can bring disgrace to the worlds most iconic historical monument. The Approach Roads to TAJ is bad, there are long waiting ques to get inside, people come to you to inform that you can get inside, without standing in this line, then pay them Rs 100 or above.

The Taj is so poorly managed that, it is a national shame, thanks to the govt of India for this efforts. Also its here in Taj that once ive noticed world most disgraceful racial discrimination, where there is board that mentions Foreginers 25 USD Indian 25 Rs. How will you identify a foreigner, yes he should have a fair skin, africans, afro americans are all spared.

After Modi, Comming into power, he introduced swatch bharat cess another additional tax on the already over taxed Indian citizens(India’s truest minority) well its not just about paying tax that we need proper execution plans.

In kerala govt has implemented a plastic ban, now if you want to go to the nearest grocery store to buy milk and other essentials on the way  back from work, you do not have an option to carry the same.

First one needs to tackle the problem by bringing in a alternative to plastic bags, then implement a ban on the same.

To make India a cleaner place first provide more public toilets, then educate and inform through pictures and posters and using all media vehicles. Provide dust bin and all possible locations. Proper and Scientific Garbage disposal units have to be made from the authorities. and then impost strict laws that will punish the offenders. With use of mordern technology and CCTV cameras its easy to find the culprits. Fear, Fear will work.









Kochi slang

Kaboor scene
Plug aayi
Post kitti
Sketch idaan samaya mayi
Buddy oru patthu roopa eduthey
Machu (buddy)
Piece ( chick)
Scene contra
Stand vidu (just leave from here)
Muttu (really good)
Koottan shraavu ( big shot, rich guy)
Ettinte pain kittumey
Shaddy (broke)
Main switch ( father)
Engine pain kazhinnu ippo irakkiye ollu ( if your father is out of hospital after a bi pass surgery)
Paint poyi ( if u have had a minor accident with scratches in u r body.

Insert from Hisham ideal caterers ernakulam

Finest self driving routes in Kerala India – hisham kabir

As a part of my catering contract works I do visit most of the location and as I enjoy driving most of the times I am self driven.

And in past 5 years I have traveled through the length and breadth of kerala and I have found that the finest, safest and the most exiting driving route in kerala is the one from kochi to thekkady.

Why I say so is because

A)    well tarred roads

B)     through the rubber plantations

C)    excellent corners and full of high and low plains

D)    very low traffic

E)     can judge the road well ahead

F)       safest to drive

There are not many roads that is half as exiting to drive like this one. And a car with a 100+ bhp on, the fun just gets better.

The route is as follows

Ernakulam  take kottayam route but do not travel to kottayam

Ernakulam to vaikom to thalayolaparambu  to kadathuruthy

From kadathuruthy junction take a left to pala

Kadathuruthy is the most important junction to take a turn if you want to have fun driving

From pala to ponkunnam

From ponkunnam to kanjirapally

And kanjirapally to thekkady

Need a Safe Small Car Reserch Report.

I visited the Hyundai Dealer workshop today, and i happen to see the cars that got damaged and that saved lives of many, my self being a crash survivor, I guess I have a huge loyalty to the brand Hyundai in India. Though I believe that crash survivor is a survivor because god wanted him to live more, having said that, I wanted to do research on the total number of accidents that happen in India and of the total number of survivors how far has the car saved them.

Auto magazines like autocar, autobild, and whatcar or similar should give its customers a report on the same.

Lets hope some auto journalist take this up and we get to see and detailed report on the same.


Auto enthusiast.